Mixtape Designs

Mixtape Designs are designed using Photoshop. You can only edit the PSD Template using Photoshop CS2 through the most recent version, Photoshop CC. All layers are included. Don’t have Photoshop, no problem. We can edit the PSD Template for an additional fee.

If you want to edit any of the Mixtape Cover PSD Templates and don’t have Photoshop? You can either download Photoshop at ADOBE.COM or we can edit the PSD Template for an additional fee.

Steps to get your PSD Template edited.

  1. Add to Cart any of the PSD Templates from mixtapepsds.com you want us to edit for you.
  3. Set which type of editing you need. Either Text, Image Editing or both on this page.
  4. Pay for editing.
  5. Message us on Live Chat on the bottom right side of the site on what Text, and or Image editing you need to be edited.
  6. We will edit the template while you are on chat. No waiting.

If you do not see us on Live Chat, just EMAIL us with your edit info. We will respond within the hours of 8 AM – 8 PM Eastern Time.

If you need a design created from scratch, first contact us so we can let you know if we can do it first before you pay. 50% deposit is due before we start.

If you want to download any of our PNG Images, Backgrounds and Models, you need a MEMBERSHIP .

There are 4 different Memberships:

  1. 5 Day Models Only Membership
  2. Bronze Membership (30 Days)
  3. Silver Membership (6 Months)
  4. Gold Membership (1 Year)

None of the Memberships Plans include any of the $12 Mixtape Cover PSD Templates, Flyer PSD Templates, Banner Psd Templates. Once you become a member, you can immediately download images depending on which Membership you purchased.

5 Day Models Only is for Model PNG Images only. Bronze, Silver and Gold are for all the PNG Images and Backgrounds including the Models.

Just add to cart and after check out you get the download links on the next page, your Account Page and your Email.

Mixtape Template RNB Radio 53
Mixtape Template Hip Hop Radio 114
Mixtape Template Hip Hop Radio 113
Mixtape Template Hip Hop Radio 112
Mixtape Template Radio Ready 4
Mixtape Cover Template Watch Me Work 9
Mixtape PSD Hip Hop Radio 111
Mixtape PSD Hip Hop Radio 110
Mixtape Template RNB Radio 52
Mixtape PSD Reggae Vibes
Trap Radio 13 Mixtape PSD
Marvelous Mixtape Template
Ghostbusters Mixtape Template
Eye Chart Mixtape Template
Mixtape Cover Template Love Notes
Mixtape Cover Template Love Note 2
Mixtape Template Deeper & Harder
Mixtape Template Hip Hop Radio 109
Mixtape Template Boom Bap
Mixtape Template In The Mix
Mixtape Template Hip Hop Radio 108
Mixtape Template Trapstars Radio
Mixtape Cover Template Gametime 3D Text

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