DJ Gera – When House Was The Shit 2 Download


DJ Gera – When House Was The Shit 2 Download

1. Intro
2. Paul Johnson: Get Down
3. Bucketheads: The Bomb (These Sounds)
4. Modjo: Lady
5. Robyn S: Show Me Love
6. Reel 2 Reel: I Like To Move It
7. Outhere Brothers: Boom Boom Boom
8. The Goodmen: Give It Up
9. Armand Van Heldon: The Witch Doctor

(Old School Latin House Set)
10. Pirates Of The Carriean: Rumba (Armand Van Heldon Rmx)
11. C&C Music Factory: Boriqua Anthem
12. Two Without Hats: Que Bonita Bandera
13. 2 In A Room: El Trago (The Drink RMX)
14. Artie The 1 Man Party: A Mover La Colita
15. Sancocho: Tumba La Casa
16. El Presidente- Cafe Con Leche
17. The Tribe- Go San Do (Wepa Man Mix)
18. Lood ft. Donnell Rush: Shout-N-Out
19. Africanism ft. Salome De Bahia: Tourment De Amor
20. Funky Green Dogs: Fired Up
21. Armand Van Heldon: Suger Is Sweeter
22. Ministry Of Sound: Turn Me Out (Sol Brothers Sugar Mix)
23. Tori Amos: Professional Widow (Armand Van Heldon Rmx)
24. Daft Punk: One More Time
25. Daniel Beddingfield: Gotta Get Through This
26. Dirty Vegas: Days Go By
27. Men From The Nile aka Roy Davis Jr.- Watch Them Come

(Bonus: (“07-08” New School House/Electro Set)
28. Outwork ft. Mr Gee: Electro
29. Marc Vane ft. Bear Who: Boom Boom
30. King Amir: Samirs Theme
31. Dirty South: Let It Go (Axwell Vocal Mix)
32. Dj MBR & Twinkiller: House Sensation
33. Yoshimoto: Du What U Do (Trentmoller MIx)
34. Evermore: It’s Too Late (Dirty South Rmx)
35. Vinylshakerz: Forget Me Nots
36. Aya ft. Yardi Don: One Love
37. Streamrocker: Give It Up For Love
38. Stylus Robb: Innina Tora (Nick Corline Rmx)
39. Rudy: Open Your Heart

40. Jodeci: Freakn’ You (MK Dub)
41. Brighter Days: (Lethal Mix)
42. Masters at Work ft. India: Can’t Get No Sleep
43. KC Flight: Voices
44. Romanthony: Hold On