How to Make a Mixtape Cover

How to Make a Mixtape Cover

Published by Jules Mercado

How to Edit a Mixtape Cover using one of our PSD Templates from our website

All the Psd Templates on our website are 1500×1500 in Dimension and 300 DPI. They are very easy to edit using Photoshop. You can replace any of the images with your own images and also change the text info on the design. 

Once I got all the assets and images together I placed them in separate Layers in the order I want them to be shown. 

Here are the steps I used to create the Mixtape Template Hip Hop Radio 113.

1. Started with a bright colorful background.

2. Placed pre-edited color and beveled Headphones the background.

3. Placed the 3 precut Audio Jack images over the Headphones.

4. Added Precut Edited image of Kodak Black on the left side over the headphones.

5. Added Precut Edited image of Lil Baby.

6. Place 2 Larger Audio Jacks by both artist.

7. Placed a cut headphones earpiece above the artist and audio jacks.

8. Added a much larger Audio Jack in front of the Headphones.

9. Added 2 glow effects on the front Audio Jack.

10. Place a precut Edited image of the Artist Doja Cat in the center front of the design.

11. Added 2 rectangular color boxes for the Dj’s name and Title.

12. Added the “Your Name” and “Hip Hop Radio Title” over the Rectangles.

13. To finalize the design, we placed a few glow effects over the background metal of the Jacks and Artist Jewelry.

As you can see the cover is pretty simple. Any of the images can be replace with your own images. The text is easy to edit. If you don’t have the font you can usually find most of our fonts for free at

If you don’t have photoshop or need help editing, any of the templates can be edited for a small fee. They are usually done in minutes depending on what you need and the time frame you need it. We are available to edit from 9 am – 7 pm eastern time. Monday through Friday and 10 am – 5 pm Saturday and Sunday. 

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How to Make a Mixtape Cover