NEON GLOW EFFECT in Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

NEON GLOW EFFECT in Adobe Photoshop Tutorial. Creating a neon glow effect in Photoshop can add a vibrant and futuristic look to your text or objects. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1: Open Your Image

  1. Open the image or create a new canvas in Photoshop.

2: Create Text or Import Object

  1. Create the text you want to apply the neon glow to, or import the object/image you want to enhance.

3: Duplicate Layer

  1. Right-click on the text or object layer and choose “Duplicate Layer.” This preserves the original layer.

4: Apply Gaussian Blur

  1. With the duplicated layer selected, go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur.
  2. Adjust the radius until you achieve a soft glow effect. This will be the outer glow of the neon.

5: Adjust Layer Blend Mode

  1. Change the blend mode of the duplicated, blurred layer to “Screen” or “Linear Dodge (Add).” This will make the dark areas transparent, leaving only the glow.

6: Adjust Opacity

  1. Fine-tune the intensity by adjusting the opacity of the duplicated layer. This step helps control the brightness of the neon glow.

7: Add Inner Glow

  1. With the original text or object layer selected, go to Layer > Layer Style > Inner Glow.
  2. Choose a vibrant color for the inner glow (commonly the same color as the neon).
  3. Adjust the Size and Opacity to achieve the desired effect.

8: Add Outer Glow

  1. Still in the Layer Style options, select “Outer Glow.”
  2. Choose a similar or complementary color for the outer glow.
  3. Adjust the Size and Opacity to enhance the outer glow effect.

9: Add Adjustment Layers (Optional)

  1. To enhance the overall color and contrast, add adjustment layers such as “Hue/Saturation” or “Curves” above your neon layers.
  2. Experiment with these adjustments to achieve the desired color tone and contrast.

10: Fine-Tune and Refine

  1. Fine-tune the position, size, and color of your neon glow. You can always go back and adjust the settings until you achieve the desired look.


  • Experiment with Colors:
    • Neon glows often have vibrant colors, so feel free to experiment with different hues.
  • Use Different Fonts or Objects:
    • Try applying the neon glow effect to various fonts or objects to see what works best for your design.
  • Combine with Background Effects:
    • Consider adding a dark or abstract background to enhance the neon effect.
  • Add Glowing Lines (Optional):
    • For additional details, you can use the Pen Tool to create glowing lines or shapes that complement the neon glow.
  • Customize Inner and Outer Glows:
    • Adjust the size and opacity of the inner and outer glows to control their appearance.
  • Save as PNG for Transparency:
    • If you want to use the neon text or object on a different background, save it as a PNG to retain transparency.

By following these steps and experimenting with the settings, you can create a stylish neon glow effect in Photoshop for your text or objects.

NEON GLOW EFFECT in Adobe Photoshop Tutorial
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