How to Remove White Background from Logo & Vectorize it!

How to Remove White Background from Logo & Vectorize it! Removing the white background from a logo and vectorizing it in Photoshop involves a combination of selection tools, layer masks, and creating paths. While true vectorization is typically done in vector software like Adobe Illustrator, you can create a vector-like version in Photoshop. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Removing White Background:

  1. Open the Logo in Photoshop:
    • Launch Photoshop and open the image with the logo and the white background.
  2. Select the Magic Wand Tool:
    • Choose the Magic Wand tool from the toolbar.
  3. Adjust Tolerance:
    • In the options bar, set the Tolerance to a value that allows the Magic Wand to select the white background. Start with a low value (e.g., 20) and adjust as needed.
  4. Select the White Background:
    • Click on the white background with the Magic Wand tool. Hold down the Shift key and click in multiple areas to select all the white pixels.
  5. Invert the Selection:
    • Go to Select > Inverse to invert the selection. Now, the logo is selected, not the background.
  6. Delete the Background:
    • Press the Delete key to remove the white background.
  7. Refine Edges (Optional):
    • If the logo has fine details or jagged edges, use Select > Refine Edge to smooth out the edges. Adjust settings like Smooth, Feather, and Contrast.
  8. Add a New Background Layer (Optional):
    • If you want to preview the logo without a background, add a new layer below the logo layer and fill it with a color.

Vectorizing (Creating Paths):

  1. Convert to Smart Object (Optional):
    • Right-click on the logo layer and choose “Convert to Smart Object.” This allows for non-destructive editing.
  2. Create Paths with the Pen Tool:
    • Select the Pen Tool (P) from the toolbar.
  3. Create Paths Around the Logo:
    • Use the Pen Tool to create paths along the edges of the logo. Click to create anchor points and drag to create curves.
  4. Complete the Path:
    • Close the path by connecting the last anchor point to the first one.
  5. Adjust Path if Needed:
    • Use the Direct Selection Tool (A) to adjust the position of anchor points and handles for precise control.
  6. Convert Paths to Selection:
    • Right-click on the path and choose “Make Selection.” Adjust the Feather Radius if needed.

Save as Vector-like Image:

  1. Export as PNG:
    • Save the image with a transparent background by exporting it as a PNG file. Go to File > Export > Export As and choose PNG as the format.
  2. Maintain Transparency:
    • Ensure that the “Transparency” option is selected during export to maintain the transparency of the background.


  • Zoom In for Precision:
    • Zoom in while using the Pen Tool for precise path creation.
  • Experiment with Tolerance:
    • Adjust the Tolerance of the Magic Wand tool to achieve the best selection.
  • Non-Destructive Editing:
    • Use Smart Objects to maintain flexibility in your editing process.

While Photoshop is not a dedicated vector editing tool like Illustrator, these steps allow you to create a logo with a transparent background and paths for a vector-like appearance. For true vectorization, consider using Adobe Illustrator.

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